Chicago, IL | August 12, 2010
ACCME increases transparency while maintaining accredited providers' confidentiality
Chicago, IL | July 8, 2010
ACCME report includes statistics on CME program revenue, funding, numbers of participants and format of educational activities
Chicago, IL | June 16, 2010
Program brings together regional health care education leaders to highlight best practices for improving physician performance and patient care; New York City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley to Give Opening Comments
Chicago, IL | June 16, 2010
ACCME and state medical societies share strategies for producing continuing medical education that contributes to health care safety and quality initiatives
Chicago, IL | June 14, 2010
ACCME award honors state medical societies for their contributions to community-based continuing medical education
Chicago, IL | May 20, 2010
ACCME Accreditation Criteria align with Federation of State Medical Boards’ goal to promote physicians' lifelong learning and performance improvement
Chicago, IL | April 29, 2010
Council of Medical Specialty Societies ethics code states societies should adhere to ACCME Standards for Commercial SupportSM
Chicago, IL | March 30, 2010
Case examples illustrate how ACCME worked with accredited providers to implement the redefinition of commercial interest
Chicago, IL | February 25, 2010
Web page features up to date information and FAQ about PARS
Chicago, IL | December 22, 2009
ACCME brings together CME leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing accredited CME
Chicago, IL | December 22, 2009
ACCME provides update, answers questions about web-based, data-collection portal
Chicago, IL | December 22, 2009
Debra Perina, MD, and Richard Reiling, MD, Named Chair and Vice Chair of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
Chicago, IL | December 22, 2009
ACCME 2009 outreach focused on supporting accredited providers' efforts to produce CME that is a Bridge to QualityTM
Chicago, IL | November 13, 2009
ACCME reviews complaints and inquiries process
Chicago, IL | October 27, 2009
ACCME seeks feedback, helps providers prepare for data-collection portal
Chicago, IL | September 17, 2009
Data-collection portal will improve transparency, accountability and efficiency of continuing medical education
Chicago, IL | September 17, 2009
ACCME Award Recognizes Volunteerism
Chicago, IL | September 8, 2009
Meeting addresses recent calls-for-comment, accreditation cost control, and December roundtable
Chicago, IL | July 30, 2009
The ACCME ensures that continuing medical education is free from commercial bias and contributes to the quality and safety of healthcare, Murray Kopelow, MD, tells committee