Executive Management

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. McMahon directs the executive and staff leadership functions of the ACCME, including its relationships with ACCME member organizations as well as external organizations, and serves as the ACCME’s primary media spokesperson.

Ms. Regnier provides executive leadership to the management of the accreditation, recognition, education, and monitoring processes of the ACCME. She is primary liaison to the ACCME's Board of Directors, and manages ACCME’s relationships with government stakeholders and other health professions’ accreditors.

Ms. Hosansky manages media relations and develops strategies for communicating the value of accreditation and ACCME’s mission to the public, media, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders.

Ms. Dunleavy is responsible for the financial and administrative operations of the organization.

Mr. Richetti oversees the ACCME activities involving accreditation of CME providers and the recognition of state accrediting bodies.

Dr. Singer directs the education and outreach activities of the ACCMEwhich include educational support for accredited providers, volunteers, and state accreditors within the ACCME System.

Ms. Payne is responsible for managing corporate governance issues and the routine business of the Board of Directors.